Copy hard drive to another hard drive

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Copying disk-to-disk in Norton Ghost 15.0

You can copy your operating system, applications, and data to a new hard disk. If the hard disk that you are copying contains more than one partition, you must copy the partitions one at a time to the new hard disk.

You can use the Copy My Hard Drive feature to do the following:

Upgrade to a larger hard disk • Add a second hard disk and keep the original

If the power or other hardware fails when you copy data, no data is lost from the source drive. You can start the process again after the failure is resolved.

Before you begin, make sure that you delete all the partitions on the destination drive and make it unallocated. Do not format the destination drive. You can use Windows Disk Management utility or any other disk utility to delete the partitions on the destination drive.

You should not use the Copy My Hard Drive feature to set up a hard disk that would be used in another computer.

Prepare the hardware

1. Do all of the following:

Get the manufacturer's directions for installing the drive.

Shut down the computer, and then disconnect the power cord.

Discharge electricity by touching a grounded metal object.

Remove the computer cover.

2. Change the jumper settings on the new hard drive to make it slave and attach the data cable. If you use cable select settings for the hard drive, attach it as the slave.

If you use Serial ATA drives (SATA), skip to next line.

3. Attach the power connector to the new hard drive.

4. Anchor the drive in the bay area according to the manufacturer's instructions.

5. Start your computer.

6. Change the BIOS settings to recognize the new hard disk.

If you use SATA drives, make sure that the boot settings are configured to boot from your old drive.

7. Save the BIOS settings and restart the computer.

Copy one hard disk to another

If you want to copy a hard disk that has Windows 7 installed on it, you need to copy the System Reserved partition first. After you complete the copying of System Reserved Partition, copy other partitions in the remaining unallocated space on the destination drive.

1. Start Norton Ghost.

2. On the Tools tab, click Copy My Hard Drive.

3. In the Welcome window of Copy Drive Wizard, click Next.

4. In the Source Drive window, select the drive that you want to copy, and then click Next.

If the drive that you want to copy is not listed, check the option Show Hidden Drives.

5. In the Destination window, select the destination drive, and then click Next.

6. In the Advanced Options window, specify the Copy options and then click Next.

For more information about the advanced copy options, at the bottom-left corner of the window, click the Tell me more link.

When you copy the System Reserved Partition of Windows 7, make sure that you select the option Set drive active. Also, uncheck the option Resize drive to fill unallocated space and do not assign a drive letter. Do not select the option Set drive active while copying other partitions from the hard disk that has Windows 7 installed.

7. Click Finish.

8. Repeat Step 2 to copy the remaining partitions on the hard drive.