Facebook Working On Virtual Reality Internet


 Facebook purchased the virtual reality powerhouse, Oculus last year for $2 billion and the tech world has been on the edge of their seats waiting to see what kinds of new experiences may be coming. For users to enjoy a virtual reality experience, VR goggles are necessary. Currently, Google offers their Cardboard VR device and Samsung has it's Galaxy Gear headset that is used with the Note 4, but Oculus has yet to complete their own Rift headset in a consumer model.
     This is the goal: Facebook and their new subsidiary, Oculus wants to completely transform the internet into a VR platform, essentially upgrading everyone's online experience into a 360-degree activity. Imagine seeing a wall of 'cards' or windows in front of you with all of the posts you would normally see on your Facebook timeline and to move through them, instead of scrolling down a screen, you would simply raise your arm and swipe the air to the left. Soon, most of the public's cameras will record in VR and everything from video games to movies to websites will display in 360-degree virtual reality. It is a huge challenge for Facebook and Oculus, but whether they will succeed, fail, or be overtaken by competitors is yet to be seen.