Google Search Introduces Prompt to Install Apps With Results

Google has unveiled what may turn out to be the most significant advancement since the iTunes Store opened. Now, when Google Search users on Android devices receive their results, a button prompting them to install apps that are relevant to their search queries, or even contain the content they were looking for appears alongside the results. This means that app developers everywhere will soon be able to place an install button for their apps in front of millions, if not billions of eyes, for free.

Until now, coders and marketers who publish mobile apps had to fight each other with barbaric ferocity just to obtain meager views and downloads. To say that competition is fierce would be a major understatement. Only a handful of design teams manage to hit “the Big One” and publish a viral sensation that instantly transforms them and the members of their company into multi-millionaires. It is safe to say that we will most likely see many more of these blockbuster hits with even small-time development houses being able to get their apps in front of most people searching for their areas of business.

Frederic Lardinois just reported on that good content inside of mobile apps is invisible to search engines as of right now, but with Google's new program, they will index content from apps and link it to their search results pages. This helps users find relevant content inside of apps that they don't currently have.

According to Rajan Patel, a Google principal engineer on the team responsible for this project, “The goal is for developers to continue to create great content in apps and create deep links into that content so users who have particular questions can directly access that content,” and apparently, the next step is to expand the program beyond the Android system.  

-Dee Grate