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5. SuperTuxKart

At number five we have SuperTuxKart, a hugely popular racing game.
SuperTuxKart's gameplay is similar to Mario Kart. What makes it unique is that it is open source, and its characters are open source mascots, with Mozilla Thunderbird being the race referee. A major update for SuperTuxKart was its 0.9 release in April 2015. This release included a highly modified version of Irrlicht, including an entirely new graphics renderer dubbed Antarctica, which enabled better graphics appearance and features such as dynamic lighting, ambient occlusion, depth of field, global illumination, and more. The game has been downloaded more than 2 million times so far. This number applies to the fork of TuxKart, and also when Joerg Henrichs resurrected the project with the help of Eduardo Hernandez Munoz. More of the game’s history is available on Wikipedia.
Credit and copyright SuperTuxKart blog.

4. Magarena

At number four comes Magarena, a single-player fantasy card game.
Based on Magic: The Gathering, the game lets you play Magarena against a computer opponent. Magarena includes an advanced AI, intuitive interface, engaging gameplay, and program stability.
Credit and copyright Magarena website.

3. Battle of Wesnoth

With number three, we head into a classic, Battle of Wesnoth. Gamers that prefer a  turn-based tactical strategy game will love Battle for Wesnoth. Making this game unique is its high fantasy theme. The game allows you to build your own army, out of 200 unit types. It also includes 16 races, 6 major factions, and hundreds of years of history. As player, you are the heir to Wesnoth, and you fight to regain its throne. "The world of Wesnoth is absolutely huge and only limited by your creativity—make your own custom units, create your own maps, and write your own scenarios or even full-blown campaigns."
Battle of Wesnoth
Credit and copyright Battle of Wesnoth website.

2. 0 A.D.

Switching to a historical real time strategy game, at number two, we have 0 A.D.
Although you can already download 0 A.D., this game is in alpha; still, it is playable, and available as native client for Linux. 0 A.D. is unique in its graphics and rendering, backed by positive acclaim. As leader of an ancient civilization, your goal is to gather the resources you need to raise a military force and dominate your enemies. Your civilizations and battles take part over the millennium of 500 B.C. to 500 A.D. Hence, the name of this game, being the midpoint: 0 A.D.
0 AD
Credit, license CC-BY-SA.

1. Minetest

That leaves us with number one, Minetest, an open source alternative to Minecraft.
Minetest's gameplay is similar to Minecraft's. You can create and remove various types of blocks in a 3D open world.  Minetest supports singleplayer and multiplayer games. Minetest also includes many features, such as support for mods, texture packs, and more. Minetest is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
Credit Minetest, license CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported.

Honorable mentions

My top 5 is not a complete list of great open games. For example, we covered some interesting and fun games in our weekly roundups, including:
Relic Hunters Zero is a nice game in which you get to shoot evil space ducks in the face with tiny cute guns. “It’s fast, it’s tactical, and feels delicious and smooth to play.”
Scrabble3D is open source, based on a GPLv3 license. You can play against the computer, against players on your local network, or connect to a game server online. The real fun in this game is that you can create words in three directions instead of just two.
OpenTTD is an open source simulation game based upon Transport Tycoon Deluxe. As entrepreneur, your goal is to make as much profit as possible by transporting passengers and various goods by road, rail, sea, and air.
SuperTux is a classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games covered under the GNU GPL.
You can also find a list of open source games and projects on GitHub.

   Title    First release Last release Genre Engine license Content license Dimensions Other information
0 A.D. 2009 2016 RTS GPLv2+ CC BY-SA 3.0 3D Historical, cross-platform RTS, using an original engine named Pyrogenesis. Game source-code released July 10, 2009.[1]
2048 2014 2014 Puzzle MIT MIT 2D A sliding block puzzle game.
Abuse 1996 2011 Run and gun Public domain software Public domain 2D
Armagetron Advanced 2001 2016 Racing GPLv2+ GPLv2+ 3D A multiplayer, 3D Tron lightcycle racing game.
AstroMenace 2007 2013 Arcade GPLv3+ GPLv3+, CC BY-SA 4.0 3D A top-scrolling space shooter.
Ballerburg 1987 2008 (ports) Artillery game Public domain software Public domain 2D Public domain software on the authors website with source code.[2] Later ported to other systems as Linux, MacOS, iOS etc.
Battle for Wesnoth, The 2005 2016 TBТ GPLv2 GPLv2 2D Turn-based tactical strategy game with RPG elements. Includes single-player campaign and skirmish modes as well as multiplayer.
Biniax 2005 2012 Puzzle zlib zlib 2D ?
Blob Wars 2003 2009 Platformer, Action-adventure GPLv2 GPLv2, CC BY-SA, other open source 2D, 3D ?
Bos Wars 2004 2013 RTS GPLv2 GPLv2 Isometric 2D 2D RTS running on a modified version of the Stratagus engine.
BZFlag 1997 2016 Tank FPS LGPLv2.1 LGPLv2.1 3D A first-person shooter 3D tank based multiplayer online game.
C-Dogs SDL 2002 2016 Run and gun GPLv2 CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA 2D Overhead run and gun, with hotseat co-operative and deathmatch play for up to four players.
Candy Box 2 2013 2013 incremental browser video game GPLv3 GPLv3 2D The typescript source code of Candybox2 was released under the GPLv3.[3][4]
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead 2013 2015 RPG/Roguelike CC BY-SA CC BY-SA 2D A post-apocalyptic, survival roguelike with an open-ended gameplay. Had a successful crowdfunding campaign on on 22 June 2013.[5]
Chromium B.S.U. 2000 2013 Arcade Clarified Artistic MIT ? A fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
Colobot 2001 2012 RTS, Educational GPLv3+ GPLv3+ 3D Source code released in 2012
Colossal Cave Adventure 1976 1995 Text adventure Public domain software[6] Public domain Text The original text adventure game by Crowther / Woods.
Crossfire 1992 2014 MMORPG GPLv2+ GPLv2+ ? Crossfire originally started as a Gauntlet clone[7] developed by Frank Tore Johansen at the University of Oslo, Norway.[8]
Diamond Trust of London 2012 2012 TBS Public domain software Public domain 2D Following a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign Diamond Trust of London was developed by Jason Rohrer and published by indiePub. On August 28, 2012 it was released for the Nintendo DS. The game has been placed in the public domain, hosted on SourceForge, like most of Rohrer's games.[9]
DRL 2013 2016 Roguelike GPLv2+ CC BY-SA 4.0 2.5D Based on Doom and Doom II.
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 2006 2016 Roguelike GPLv2+ CC0 ? An open-source fork of the 1997 game Linley's Dungeon Crawl.
Endgame: Singularity 2005 2011 science fiction/AI simulation game GPLv2 GPLv2 2D written in Python
Enigma 2003 2014 Puzzle GPLv2 GPLv2 2D Oxyd clone.
Fish Fillets NG 2004 2011 Puzzle GPLv2 GPLv2 ? Released commercially as Fish Fillets in 1998. Source released in 2002 under the GPL.
FlightGear 1997 2016 Flight Sim GPLv2 GPLv2 3D Microsoft Flight Simulator inspired clone.
Freeciv 1996 2016 TBS GPLv2 GPLv2 Isometric 2D Civilization II clone.
FreeCol 2003 2015 TBS GPLv2 GPLv2 Isometric 2D Sid Meier's Colonization clone.
Freedoom 1993 (2001) 2015 FPS BSD 3-clause BSD 3-clause[10] 2.5D Doom content/resource clone.
Frozen Bubble 2002 2008 Puzzle GPLv2 GPLv2 2D Puzzle Bobble clone.
Gang Garrison 2 2008 2016 Shooter MPLv2 MPLv2 2D A retro "demake" of Team Fortress 2. The project was previously been under GPLv3.
Glest 2004 2008 RTS GPL CC BY-SA 3D 3D RTS game with two factions, A.I. and same-platform networking support. Development ceased in 2008. Two forks exist, named MegaGlest and Glest Advanced Engine.
Globulation 2 2008 2009 RTS GPLv3 GPLv3 2D Currently[when?] in open beta.
GLtron 2003 2016 Racing GPL GPL 3D Based on the light cycle portion of the film Tron.
GNOME Games 1997 2016 Various GPL GPL ? A collection of games accompanying the rest of the GNOME desktop environment.
GNU Chess 1984 2016 TBS GPLv3 GPLv3 2D ?
GNU Go 1999 2009 TBS GPLv3 GPLv3 ? ?
Hedgewars 2007 2015 Artillery game GPLv2 GPLv2 2D Worms clone.
heXon 2016 2016 Arcade MIT GPLv2, CC BY-SA 3D Twin-stick-shooter
kdegames 1997[11] 1998[12] 2009 Various* GPLv2 GPLv2
*Collection of games provided with the official release of KDE.
kiki the nano bot 2003 2007 Puzzle Public domain software Public domain ? Mixture of Sokoban and Kula World.
Lincity 1999 2013 City-building game GPL GPL 2.5D SimCity clone.
Linley's Dungeon Crawl 1997 2005 Roguelike LGPL LGPL ? Roguelike game.
Liquid War 1995 2015 Maze games GPL GPL 2D 2D game in which you control particles and move them to defeat the opposing side.
Lugaru 2005 2010 Action Third Person GPLv2+ CC BY-SA[13] 3D A game where the player is an anthropomorphic rabbit who seeks revenge when a group of enemy rabbits kill their family.
Maelstrom 1992 2010 Shoot 'em up GPL CC-BY 2D
MegaGlest 2010 2016 RTS GPL CC BY-SA 3D Cross-platform 3D RTS for up to eight players (can be A.I. controlled) on seven factions. MegaGlest is a fork of Glest.
MegaMek 2005 2009 TBТ GPL GPL ? Simulates the Classic BattleTech board game.
Micropolis 1989 (as SimCity)
2008 (as Micropolis)
2008 City-building game GPLv3[14] GPLv3 ? Open-source release of SimCity. Also known as OLPC SimCity.[15]
Moria 1983 1999 RPG/Roguelike GPL[16] GPL 2D A roguelike RPG based heavily on J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings.
NetHack 1987 2015 RPG/Roguelike Nethack GPL Nethack GPL Text A single player dungeon exploration game.
Netrek 1988 2011 Shoot 'em up MIT MIT 2D Successor to 1986's Xtrek, Netrek was first played in 1988. It was the third Internet game, the first Internet team game, and as of 2011 is the oldest Internet game still actively played.
Neverball 2003 2014 Platform GPL GPL 3D
Nexuiz 2005 2009 FPS GPL GPL 3D Forked into Xonotic following a commercial licensing agreement by a minority of the development team.
Oolite 2006 2016 Space Sim GPLv2 GPLv2 3D Elite Clone
OpenArena 2005 2012 FPS GPLv2 GPLv2 3D Quake III Clone
OpenCity 2003 2008 City-building game GPL GPL 3D SimCity Clone.
OpenClonk 2010 2016 Action, RTS, Platform ISC CC BY 2D Successor of the Clonk shareware series
Passage 2007 2007 Side-scroller Public domain software Public domain 2D In 2007 Rohrer released the game's source code and assets into the public domain,[17] while asking for donations (Donationware) and selling the iOS version for $0.99.[18]
Pingus 1998 2011 Puzzle GPL GPL 2D Lemmings clone.
Pioneer 2006 2016 Space sim GPLv3 CC BY-SA 3D Inspired by Frontier: Elite 2
PokerTH 2006 2014 Card GPL GPL 2D ?
PySol 2001[19] 2009 Card games, Patience GPLv3 Public domain and GPLv3 2D ?
Rigs of Rods 2007 2016 Vehicle Sim GPLv3 GPLv3 3D Rigs of Rods was initially created as an off-road truck simulator, but has developed into a versatile physics sandbox.
Rocks'n'Diamonds 1995 2013 Puzzle GPLv2 GPLv2 2D A scrolling tile-based computer puzzle game that can be described as a combined Boulder Dash, Supaplex, Emerald Mine, and Sokoban clone.
Ryzom 2004 2016 MMORPG AGPL CC BY-SA 3D All textures and effects, 3D models, animations, characters and clothing (no music or sounds) are under CC BY-SA.
Scorched 3D 2001 2012 Artillery game GPL GPL 3D Clone of Scorched Earth (video game)
Secret Maryo Chronicles 2003 2009 Platformer GPLv3 GPLv3 2D 2D platformer inspired by the Super Mario series.
Seven Kingdoms 1997 2016 RTS GPL GPL 2D Source code released in 2009.
Simutrans 1997 2016 Business Sim Artistic Artistic 2D Similar to Transport Tycoon and its open-source clone, OpenTTD. The player must build a profitable transportation system.
Sintel The Game 2012 2012 RPG GPL CC BY, GPL 3D A game based on the Blender Foundation movie, Sintel.
Sopwith 1984 2014 Shoot 'em up GPL GPL ? The C and x86 assembly source code to Sopwith was released in 2000,[20] at first under a non-commercial use license, but later under the GNU GPL at the request of fans.[21]
Space Station 13 2003 2016 RPG AGPLv3 CC BY-SA 3.0 2D A multiplayer, 2D, sprite and tile based role playing game. Written in BYOND.
Speed Dreams 2010 2016 Sim racing GPLv2+ FAL 3D Forked from TORCS in late 2008.
StepMania 2005(?) 2016 Rhythm game MIT[22] MIT 2D and 3D A DDR clone, the player must hit buttons or keys in time with the music.
SuperTux 2003 2016 Platformer GPL GPL 2D 2D platformer inspired by the Super Mario series.
SuperTuxKart 2006 2016 Racing GPL GPL 3D Arcade racing game similar to Mario Kart.
Teeworlds 2007 2016 Platformer zlib CC BY-SA 3.0 (except font) 2D 2D side-scrolling shooter.
Tenés Empanadas Graciela 1996 2007 TBS GPLv2 GPLv2 ? Based on the boardgame Risk.
The Castle Doctrine 2014 2014 MMO Public domain software Public domain 2D A game by Jason Rohrer, developed on a Sourceforge[23] repository and sold on Steam for $14.99.[24]
Tremulous 2006 2009 FPS GPLv2 CC BY-SA 2.5[25] 3D Alien VS human base building, defending, and attacking opposite team.
TripleA 2002 2016 TBS GPLv2 GPLv2 2D A turn based strategy game inspired by Axis & Allies and board game engine. Development is ongoing.
Tumiki Fighters 2004 2004 Shooter BSD 2-clause[26] BSD 2-clause 3D Written in D and released in 2004 by Kenta Cho[27] under a BSD-like license, like all his games. Later commercially ported to Wii as Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy,[28] as well as linux.[29] Included in Debian,[30] ported to Pandora.[31]
Tux Racer 2000 2009 Racing GPLv2+ GPLv2+ 3D ?
Tux, of Math Command 2001 2011 Educational game GPLv3+ GPLv3+ 2D ?
UFO: Alien Invasion 2006 2016 TBТ GPLv2+ GPLv2+, CC BY-SA 3.0 3D Inspired by the XCOM-series, but with 3D-combats on surface of the earth.
UltraStar Deluxe 2007 2016 Music GPLv2+ GPLv2+ 2D SingStar clone.
Unknown Horizons 2008 2014 City-building game GPLv2+ GPLv2+, CC BY-SA 3.0, OFLv1 Isometric 2D Genre-mix of city-building game and real-time strategy game, inspired by the Anno series.
Unvanquished 2012 2016 FPS BSD 3-clause, GPLv3+ CC BY-SA 2.5 3D Team-based first person shooter with strong RTS elements, derived from the Tremulous project.
Vega Strike 2008 2012 Space Sim GPLv2+ GPLv2+ 3D Elite clone and space simulator engine.
Warmux 2002 2011 Artillery game GPLv2+ GPLv2+ 2D Worms clone.
Warsow 2005 2016 FPS GPLv2+ CC BY-SA 4.0 3D A fast-paced arena FPS with movement tricks.
Warzone 2100 1999 2016 RTS, RTT GPLv2+ GPLv2+ 3D Post-apocalyptic, cross-platform RTS.
Widelands 2002 2016 RTS GPLv2+ GPLv2+ ? Widelands is a RTS clone of The Settlers II.
WorldForge 1998 2014 MMORPG GPLv3 GPLv2+ 3D An open-source framework for massively multiplayer online role-playing games.
Xconq 1987 2005 TBS GPLv2+ GPLv2+ ? 4X strategy game engine.
X-Moto 2005 2014 Platformer GPLv2+ GPLv2+ 2D Elasto Mania Clone.
Xonotic 2010 2015 FPS GPLv2+ GPLv2+ 3D A fork and direct successor of the game Nexuiz. Binary files for Linux and Windows is under GPLv3+.
XPilot 1992 2010 Arcade GPLv2+ GPLv2+ 2D A multiplayer Asteroids-like game.
Yo Frankie! 2008 2009 Action-adventure GPLv2+, LGPLv2.1 CC BY 3.0 3D ?